Faith & Family Business

  • A blessing for rest in the family business

    April 28, 2023

    Life in the family business — life in general — can often feel overwhelming. You have recurring seasons of high-stakes work and the constant pressure to perform. But at some point the need for rest...

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  • Multiplying wrongs in the family business

    January 5, 2023

    This week I continue to explore the relationships between King David’s children. After King David’s son, Amnon, rapes his half-sister, Tamar, we are offered a glimpse into Amnon’s feelings:Then Amnon...

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  • The dark side of succession (Part 1)

    October 30, 2022

    King David misses his son, Absalom, who fled after murdering his brother, Amnon. (Amnon had raped their sister, Tamar.) King David’s key general and right hand man, Joab, encourages David to bring...

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  • Moving on in the family business

    October 2, 2022

    Recall the rapidly deteriorating relationships among King David’s children: Absalom killed his brother Amnon because Amnon had raped their sister, Tamar. Absalom realizes his actions will likely have...

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  • Revenge hurts everyone in the family business

    September 25, 2022

    King David’s son, Amnon, committed multiple wrongs by raping Tamar and then banishing her from his house. She takes up residence with another brother, Absalom, who wants to kill Amnon, and after two...

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  • When parents make problems worse

    September 11, 2022

    Last week I shifted the focus of my reflections to David’s family, looking at the destruction of the sibling relationship when David’s son, Amnon, raped his half-sister Tamar. But King David also...

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  • Breaking sibling relationships

    September 5, 2022

    After Solomon’s blessed birth to David and Bathsheba, life in David’s family takes another dark turn — just as God, through Nathan, said it would. The text says one of David’s other sons, Amnon, was...

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