Lance Woodbury

Lance Woodbury

Chief Succession Officer

Lance Woodbury helps family businesses navigate the challenges of succession and estate planning.

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Family business is a complex mix of ownership expectations, management challenges and family dynamics.

Focus on Family Owned and Closely Held Agriculture Businesses

Lance assists family farms and ranches in their growth and succession by developing long-term ownership, management and family business plans.

Facilitates Several Agricultural Peer Groups

Lance helps groups of business owners improve their operations through education, discussion and joint problem solving.

Writes a Family Business Column for DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Lance shares relevant advice, new ideas and useful strategies by publishing books and articles in well-known industry publications.


The Enduring Legacy:
Essential Family Business Values

by Lance Woodbury

Succession planning in family businesses often deals exclusively with the passing of financial assets and management skills to the next generation. In this book, however, Lance Woodbury suggests that furthering the family’s legacy requires a focus on the values that define the organization.

Family Business: Genesis 37-50
and the Family of Joseph

by Lance Woodbury, William Long

A unique look at the connections between family business and the Christian faith. The authors draw upon the story of Joseph and his family to provide counsel for modern entrepreneurs, especially those running multi-generational family enterprises. Some themes may seem eerily familiar; sibling rivalries, parental favoritism and reconciliation are all discussed with the modern family business in mind.


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