Have Some FUN

By Davon Cook on October 12, 2015

In follow-up to my previous column about being Wise, Kind and Strong, a friend replied, "Loved the column Davon, but I'd add one more:  have some FUN!"  He was reflecting after a very successful career as a plant breeder with major impact at a large seed company.  He went on to recount several fun memories of the project he and I did together.

Having worked with him, I know this is a guy that doesn't have to intentionally think about having fun.  But it was a good reminder to schedule that in along with the strategic plans and goals and weekly lists.  Are you and your family and employees having fun at what you do?  Sometimes it may be 'team building' - get away and have a good time fun.  (And by the way, employees do notice when it's been too long since you've done that.)  And other days it may be simply having a good laugh on the way to the barn.

We've all worked around a person that is just a downer - negative, always looking for the worst in a situation, or just downright unhappy.  If you, the leader, aren't enjoying yourself and your team, how do you expect those around you have a positive work day and be motivated?  I am not unrealistic that every day can be a blast, but take a moment to evaluate how your team functions in this area and how your demeanor and actions might affect that.