Blessing the next generation’s return

Philemon 1:15

My last blessing focused on the senior generation “letting go” of their family business role. Today’s blessing is for the younger generation and their entrance into the family business.

We are often uncertain about whether our children will return. We face difficult questions and mixed emotions: Does our children’s interest reflect their will, or their attempt to meet our expectations? What happens if they go away to gain experience and decide not to return to our company? What if they come back and it doesn’t work out? Will they have what it takes to elevate the business to the next level? As you consider the next generation’s return, this blessing is for them.

Years ago your birth illuminated our lives
Helping us see beyond ourselves
Swaddled in blankets of faith, hope, and love
You were a true gift from God.

As you inherited the backstory of our family and business
We saw you as a potential steward of our legacy 
While we were outspoken in our desire for your happiness
We silently hoped your vocation would merge with our life’s work.

You grew in age, body, mind, and spirit
People and experiences refined your character 
We witnessed the arc of your life taking shape 
Your interest in returning crept into our conversations.

Now, as you return, may you come to understand:
Your family name can be both asset and liability
Your power and authority and wealth can be used to help, but can also do harm
Being humble and self-aware matter more than you might imagine
And that leadership does not require a title.

Bless our transition to partners in business 
Bless our coming experiences of success, celebration, failure, and fracture
Bless the passion, curiosity, energy, and ideas you bring to us, for which we are so grateful
Bless our patience and understanding as you challenge what we know and how we work.

Most importantly, bless this family bond between us; may it flourish beyond any business endeavor we choose to undertake.

For this perhaps is why he was parted from you for a while, that you might have him back forever. (Philemon 1:15)