A blessing for rest in the family business

Matthew 11:28

Life in the family business — life in general — can often feel overwhelming. You have recurring seasons of high-stakes work and the constant pressure to perform. But at some point the need for rest enters in. It might appear unexpectedly with a gap in your schedule, or be forced upon you by medical issues. It may be a long-planned excursion from your daily routine. Whatever the case, rest affords an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and others, and to God. To think deeply about our lives. To ponder the next chapter. Rest can be a wonderful gift.

Knowing the pace in your family business, I offer this blessing for those in need of rest. (To listen to the blessing, click here.)

In the midst of a hectic and quickening life 
Between the porous borders of business and family
The list of have-to’s and should-do’s grows ever longer
And many good intentions go unaccomplished.

Bound by conflicting priorities
Beset by cascading problems 
Buffeted by contrarian partners
Exhaustion and fatigue set in. 

Then a calling for rest emerges from deep within
Your spirit requires a more relaxed rhythm
It beckons you to slow, to spend time differently
To consider the measure of your days. 

In the quiet stillness of morning
In the early darkness of evening
You contemplate both the hope and the challenge
Of working together with those you live with and love.

Now, as you rest
May you exhale the rush of prior seasons
Learning from, then releasing what was difficult
Holding fast to glimpses of grace in your life.

Now, as you rest
May the warmth of family and friends surround your thoughts
May their shoulders lighten your burden of leadership
May God bless the renewal of your spirit in the work of your family business.

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

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