Alleah Heise

Alleah Heise

I was born and raised in southwest Kansas and not long after starting my professional career, I knew that I wanted to return to the industry that shaped so much of my life. My family are third generation family business owners hauling cattle and servicing the fuel and lubrication needs of farmers. I knew from an early age that there was something special and impacting about family business.

After graduating from Friends University with a Masters in Business Law, I joined a family business advisory firm in Wichita, KS and spent seven years navigating the many complexities of family business across all industries. I specialize in using adventure and experiential learning as a way of engaging conversation in a more meaningful, dynamic way. 

My experience is in strategic thinking and planning, executive and leadership development, and transition planning. I bring a focus to the soft side of transition, a proven predictor of success, while balancing the need to execute on plans to move forward.

I earned my undergraduate degrees at Oklahoma State University. My husband, Dan, myself, and our daughter currently reside in Dodge City, KS.

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